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Featured Agencies List

This list was initially compiled from a 2007 PSPBL survey of members. If you want to be added to the list and you believe your agency qualifies for Police PBL/PTO, contact this site with your name, affiliation, email address, and description of your agencies PBL or PTO program. We will review your application and if you qualify we will append your agency to the Featured Agency list.

If your agency appears and youÕd like to be removed from the list contact us and we will delete your agency as a PBL / PTO police agency.

Before you request to be added to the Featured Agencies page you should ensure your agency qualifies as a PBL / PTO agency. Instructors certified through the PBL Certification program will already have an idea what this means.

Those who have yet to become PBL certified through PSPBL can get a good idea about the Police PBL program through the COPS Office publication "Police PBL: Blueprint for the 21st Century" available for free download on this website at

There are some other PBL reference materials and websites that you will find useful. Check our Resources page for more information.

List of featured PTO agencies registered on this website as of December, 2007

Canadian and American police agencies using the national PTO Program This list was compiled in December, 2006/January, 2007 from on-going research at PSPBL (see footnote #1). The list is constantly being updated due to the growing number of agencies successfully adopting PTO, and the PBL methods on which it is based. Please help us keep this list up to date. If your agency has adopted the national PTO model, or is in the process of doing so, please notify us and we can add you to the growing number of progressive police agencies moving forward with 21st Century training methods.

Complete List

 1) Calgary Police
 2) Camrose Police
 3) Edmonton Police
 1) North Little Rock Police
 1) Capitola Police
 2) Cyprus Police
 3) Folsom Police
 4) Fresno Police Dept
 5) Fresno Sheriff’s Office
 6) Napa Police
 7) Richmond Police
 8) Santa Rosa Police
 9) Sunnyvale Dept of Public Safety
 1) Colorado Springs Police
 2) Milliken Police
 1) Athens-Clarke County Police
 2) Savannah Police
 1) Idaho Falls Police
 1) Riley County Police
 1) Bowling Green Police
 2) Louisville Metro Police Department
 1) Chelsea Police
 2) Lowell Police
 3) Needham Police
 1) Faribault Police Department
 2) Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office
 3) Hermantown Police Department
 4) Lino Lakes Police Department
 5) Lonsdale Police Department
 6) Rice County Sheriff’s Office
 7) Rochester Police Department
 8) St. Louis Park Police Department
 1) Jackson Police
 1) Kansas City Police
 2) St. Louis Police
 1) Reno Police
North Carolina
 1) Charlotte Mecklenberg Police
 2) Gastonia Police
 3) Greensboro Police
North Dakota
 1) Fargo Police
 1) Durham Regional Police
 2) Halton Regional Police (underway)
South Dakota
 1) South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department
 1) University of Vermont Police
 1) Virginia Beach Police
Washington State
 1) Fife Police Department
 2) King County Sheriff Office (underway)
 3) Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office
 4) Lakewood Police
 5) Puyallup Police
 6) Richland Police
 7) Spokane Sheriff’s Office
 8) Tacoma Police
 9) The Criminal Justice Training Commission
 10) Wenatchee Police
 11) Yakima Police
 1) Eau Claire Police Department
 2) Superior Police Department
PBL Academies
 1) Assiniboine Community College, Brandon, Manitoba
 2) Department of Criminal Justice Training, Richmond, Kentucky
 3) Napa Valley College of Criminal Justice Training, Napa, California
 4) Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy, Regina, Saskatchewan